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    Top 5 Actresses Who Found Love with Regular Joes

    Hollywood is built on the myth of romance, where on screen love stories frequently have the most maudlin of all possible delivery. Yet for others, the best romances are found away from the set, among couples who might come as complete surprises, reaffirming the magic of romance and proving that love can spring from all corners, and from everywhere but the elite in public. We take a look at 5 actresses who found the love of their life in a regular man.

    Julia Roberts: A Love Story Captured Off-Screen

    Cinematographer Daniel Moder proposed to America’s sweetheart, Julia Roberts, who famously broke hearts starting with 1990’s “Pretty Woman” when the two met on the Mexican set in 2000. The two met and, well their shared love for movies turned into a private relationship and exchange of vows in 2002. They decide on privacy, choosing their families over the pursuit of fame, and in doing so they show us that real happiness lives outside the glare of celebrity.

    Reese Witherspoon: Finding Balance Beyond the Blonde

    The “Legally Blonde” leading lady met talent agent Jim Toth through friends and the pair married in 2011. She and her talent agent are caught in a relationship that defies Hollywood norms due to their job qualifications, hers in acting, his in talent. Both balance bustling careers working within Hollywood as they raise their joyful child.

    Anne Hathaway: A Fairytale with a Jeweler’s Touch

    Anne Hathaway is best known for her roles in “The Devil Wears Prada,” in 2006 and “Les Misérables,” in 2012 and is married to jewelry designer Adam Shulman, whom she met in 2008 and married in 2012. Hathaway acting, Shulmans jewelry is a creative outlet that gives even more artistic breadth to their bond. Their partnership seems to benefit from that rare gift- unlike many of their counterparts in Hollywood, their unique mix of talent and personality gives them the perfect mix of chemistry that allows them to be both halves and wholes within themselves.

    Natalie Portman: A Love Story Danced to Perfection

    Choreographer Benjamin Millepied, who the actress met on the set of “Black Swan” where he was choreographing, is now married to Natalie Portman, who starred in “Jackie.” Millepied’s encore from his successful dance career may be unconventional, but the couple’s marriage in 2012 almost straddles Hollywood norms by comparison. They demonstrate that love can survive in this cesspool called the movie industry.

    Jessica Alba: A Love Story Written Behind the Camera

    Fantastic Four & Sin City alum Alba met husband Cash Warren on the set of “Fantastic Four,” where he was a production assistant. They wed in 2008 and juggle life in Hollywood with her as an actress and he as a producer. They put family first (for once): proving love is possible outside the spotlight.

    They too are proof that love does not come in the plentitude of fame and wealth. The romance shined between their stories help us believe that the real bond can be created even with the smallest and unexpected things in life, and somewhere between the whirlwind of Hollywood, the biggest secrets are the sweet moments shared with the people we love.

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