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    Top 10 Mac Miller Songs

    Mac Miller’s Best Music

    Mac Miller is an artist with many great songs. This list will not include any songs from his most recent album Circles. I enjoyed every song on there and reviewed the album in a previous article. In honor of his birthday this past week, I have compiled a list of the top 10 Mac Miller Songs.

    Top 10 Mac Miller Songs

    10. Aquarium

    This song covers some of life’s big questions. Such as life and death, as well as the general crazy nature of the world. Mac Miller’s ability as a great and unique lyricist is showcased quite well in this song.

    9. Funeral

    This is one of the many great songs of the mixtape Faces. This song, along with much of this album features themes of drug use and Mac’s struggle of being stuck in his head. Still, this is a song that you can throw on and chill to.

    8. These Dayz

    This is truly one of Mac Miller’s most underrated and unknown songs. It was not featured on any albums or mixtapes but instead was dropped on his Soundcloud. The song takes a bit of a twist on the song “These Days” by the Velvet Underground. They sound quite different, but it is refreshing to see the exciting places that Miller drew inspiration from. There is an ambient and trippy vibe to the song. And just like much of his later work features themes of struggling to come to terms with his fame.

    Mac Miller Songs-1

    7. Perfect Circle/ God Speed

    This 8-minute track is a quality piece of work. The first half of the song features Mac rapping about living a destructive lifestyle and enjoying it. As he says in the first verse, “And this is not another case of the celebrity blues. The devil with me and he tell me to shoot”. The beat, vibe, and content of the second half of the song make a big switch.

    It cuts to a voicemail that Mac’s friend left him over the holidays. This is proceeded by Mac Miller being brutally honest. Dropping lines such as, “I need to man up and wake up before one morning I don’t wake up”. But ends on a happier note speaking of a yearning to have children and embracing life’s possible joys.

    6. Erica’s House

    This song is a little out of pocket. But personally, I find some of the lines to pretty funny. Such as random references to sending Bob Saget inappropriate snapchats and German’s love for David Hassle Hoff. The beat featured is slightly different and harsher than Mac Miller’s smoother and soothing choices. But it still is really good.

    5. Best Day Ever 2

    This song is good vibes only. It features Mac’s peak of happiness. He had just become so successful and was loving every moment of it. The song features a great beat that is quite calming.

    4. That’s Life (feat. 88-keys & Sia)

    This was one of the first songs that dropped after Mac’s passing. And it was a complete hit. This song features an upbeat vibe. It pretty much says that life can be tough, but you can’t linger on this and might as well make the most of it.

    3. Dunno

    As this article has discussed, Miller is quite a talented producer. This song features one of his beast beats produced to date. It is far from your typical Hip-Hop beat. It fits the theme of the album Swimming. Creating an ambient and calming vibe. The song features the pretty relatable topic of merely wanting to get over all the small drama and get along with your significant other.

    Mac Miller Songs-2

    2. So It Goes

    This song goes to such Mac Miller’s progression and talent not only as a musician in general but a producer as well. The song covers the fact that everyone wants to go after him for his money, but as the song simply puts it, “So It Goes”. It’s an unfortunate but seemingly inevitable thing. The end of the song ends on a higher note. Miller drops the line, “And I know been out (and I know I been out). Now I’m back in town (now I’m back in town) so I. Show you the ropes”.

    Even though he’s gone through some struggles, he seems to be saying he’s back and ready to continue his success. This is followed by the song playing out the beat for over a minute to end the song. Not many artists can pull that off without people merely skipping over the song. But every time I listen to this track, I find myself letting it play out to the end.

    1. Star Room (OG Version)

    This song is a total classic. It opens with a sample from legendary director Wes Anderson’s Moon Rise Kingdom. Further showing Miller’s unique talents as a musician. This song is quite introspective and showcases Miller’s exceptional abilities as not only a musician but as a rapper specifically.

    Final Thoughts

    Even though Mac Miller passed away at 26 years old, he still has an extensive range of quality music. The above list features the top 10 Mac Miller songs. But there are many moor great tracks of his to be heard across albums such as Faces, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, Swimming, and many more.

    What do you guys think, though?

    What songs did you like best from this list of the top 10 Mac Miller songs? What are some of your other favorite songs by him? And are there any missing tracks that didn’t make the cut?

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