As a rapper, singer, or producer, your goal is to reach as many people as possible. You have to market yourself in the best way possible. Yes, it is essential to be talented, but that’s not enough anymore.

We have people like Soulja Boy that turned his songs into dances with Crank That or Cupid’s Cupid Shuffle. 

Marketing your music is vital.

That is where Tik Tok comes into play.

Tik Tok is an entertainment service that resembles a lot of what Vine used to be. People have a maximum of 60 seconds to create a skit that will draw us in.

Tik Tok is big on trends.

If there is a song out and someone makes a cool dance to it, expect that song to blow up. With millions of kids on the app at any given second, it is no surprise that artists are turning to the new app to promote their music.

Look at Lil Nas X. His hit Tik Toks Influence onOld Town Road has taken over the world. Lil Nas talks about how he used all of his money to buy the $30 beat. After making the catchy song and a funny video, he put it up on Tik Tok. What happened next is probably the dream of every artist. He began to grow and grow in the industry and even received some hate from the country community.

Regardless, Lil Nas X has proven the power of Tik Tok. Millions of people that use the app. What better way to get people to listen to your music than to post it all over the app?

Songs like Lottery by K Camp have been popping off on Tik Tok with its catchy beat, and all of these kids are doing the same dance to it.

I am not saying that this is a guaranteed way to get famous, but it’s a start if you don’t know where to go.

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