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    The Matrix’s Hugo Weaving Disapproves of the Alt-Right

    The Matrix star, Hugo Weaving, has spoken out to address the alt-right.

    For years, the alt-right has used The Matrix‘s “red pill” symbol for their own agenda. Weaving emphasizes in a recent interview that these individuals are missing the point of the film, altogether.

    Weaving Disapproves

    Going back to the original Matrix scene, here’s the breakdown of the red pill symbol:      The characters are presented with a choice between taking a red pill, revealing an unpleasant truth, or taking a blue pill and remaining in blissful ignorance. Red-pilling has since become a term used online to describe a conversion to extreme, far-right views.

    This past May, Elon Musk took to Twitter to encourage his followers to “take the red pill.” The tweet prompted a response from Ivanka Trump, who responded, “Taken!”

    The Matrix co-director Lilly Wachowski expressed her disapproval, replying to Trump, “F— both of you.”

     the Alt-Right

    In a recent interview, Weaving shared his befuddlement with the use of the red pill symbol by the alt-right.

    The actor describes the situation as being due to people failing to actually learn about the meaning of things.

    “They will take something that they think is cool and they will repurpose it to fit themselves when the original intention or meaning of that thing was quite the opposite.” -Weaving

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