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    The Coronavirus Reaches The United States

    The Coronavirus is a virus that can cause pneumonia and upper respiratory infections in its host. It began in Wuhan province in China infecting 300 and killing 7, Sparking global health concerns

    However, within one month the virus has spread to 17 countries. The United States is the latest country to host the virus. A man from Washington returning from a trip to carried the virus. He was quickly isolated after reporting being ill. Officials are saying he is otherwise healthy.
    The Coronavirus Reaches-1

    The virus is similar to Sars, also known as avian bird flu. which for a time was also immune to antibiotics.

    A World on the edge of fear

    The biggest concern with the Coronavirus is that it doesn’t respond to medication. Which means it can become a superbug if the virus becomes more lethal.
    What’s alarming is the fact that the virus is infecting health workers working with those infected. Baffling scientists because those health care workers are taking all the necessary precautions to stop its transmission.
    Meanwhile, the CDC has begun to implement airborne disease procedures at airports around the nation. Furthermore, global health organizations have planned a worldwide meeting today. Nations across the world are on guard as the virus is rapidly spreading.
    Meanwhile, the mayor of Wuhan has asked it’s citizens to remain in the province until authorities have the outbreak under control. Furthermore, With flu season underway in America, this virus could pose a severe threat. Here are some tips for lowering your chances of getting the virus.

      • Wash hands
      • Wear your mask
      • hand sanitizer
    • Stay home

    However, with over 270 million smokers the Coronavirus could cause a severe pandemic if the virus changes.

    Tell us what do you think? Will the virus mutate and cause harm, or is there nothing to worry about. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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