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    Stuff Stockings with Mac and Cheese Flavored Candy Canes

    Wacky product company, Archie McPhee, debuted their newest creation: mac and cheese candy canes.

    This isn’t the first time McPhee has introduced flavors that shouldn’t be in candy form. They’ve created pickle-flavored, bacon-flavored, clam-flavored, and even rotisserie chicken-flavored candy canes.

    These instant mac and cheese flavored candies cost $5.95 on their website. Six come in a pack and they’re 5.25 inches tall.

    There are people a lot more excited about these than we are. Due to their extreme popularity, they’ve limited one box per customer.

    McPhee exclaimed, “It’s like comfort food-flavored comfort food!”

    In other cheese news, The Chuck E Cheese “Pull Up Dance” Is a Classic.

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