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    Specialist3ffect: An Unexpected Sound

    Specialist3ffect is a hip hop and r&b artist from Philadelphia. He started producing beats at the age of 12 after unexpectedly coming across an advertisement. The rapper was playing video games when he came across an advertisement he couldn’t skip. Intrigued, the rapper wanted to learn more. He began messing around with a few applications on his computer and developed a sound that he actually liked. After some edits and a major transformation, that same song has now become the song “You Know What” off of the album “Seeing Sounds” by Pharrell’s group NER*D.

    The experience inspired Specialist3ffect to start making music of his own. He downloaded FL studio and got to work. He began crafting his own unique sound by gaining inspiration from the music he listened to.

    “I want people to feel something in my music, whether that be to reminisce about a past moment, dream about the future, or be present. I hope my audience will use their imagination to see, hear, and feel what I write about in my songs,” said Specialist3ffect.

    Specialist3ffect has been working hard on new music that will be releasing next year. The artist has a new song set to release in early January. The track is reportedly a late-night sexy vibe, called “Hot”.

    “I am excited for my fans to hear what I have coming up! Hold on to your seat, and stay tuned!”

    You can follow Specialist3ffect here:

    Listen to Specialist3ffect here:

    What do you think about the artist’s new music? Is his music a hit or miss? Let me know your thoughts below.

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