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    Soujla Boy’s “The Life of Draco”Trailer Is A Must-See

    Soulja Boy dropped some huge news on fans when he decided to leave rapping for the life an actor. For years, the “Make It Clap” hit-maker has strived for an acting career. While his previous attempts didn’t pan out well, his latest one might actually make it to the small screen. Recently, Soulja Boy’s “The Life of Draco” docuseries trailer dropped and it definitely did not disappoint. Additionally, the first episode of Draco’s series aired on Saturday.

       Soulja Boy’s “The Life of Draco” Trailer Review

    The Life of Draco
    via Tone Deaf

    When it comes to Soulja Boy, the rapper loves to brag about his work. It makes sense, since he pretty much changed the face of hip hop forever with the hit 2007 song “Crank That (Soulja Boy).” The rapper has paved the way for other emcees. Yet, Draco makes it clear he’s not a “one-hit wonder” in his “The Life of Draco” docuseries.

    On Jan. 20, the trailer for Draco’s new reality series dropped. Furthermore, the clip shows Soulja Boy doing everything from fooling around with his friends, to his Millennium Tour and his interactions with fans. The rap star certainly made his reality show come to life, despite those who said it would never happen. Guess the rapper proved them wrong in the end. So far, the trailer creates a lot of hype surrounding the docuseries.

    The First Episode Is Definitely An Interesting Watch

    The Life of Draco
    via BET

    Given the “The Life of Draco” trailer, it seems like the rapper has a lot in store for fans. While the trailer dropped on Jan. 20, the first episode aired just the day after on Revolt TV. Furthermore, the clip gives a behind-the-scenes-look at the rapper’s Millennium Tour in Chicago and his Meet & Greet with fans. Mostly, the episode shows a lot of backstage shenanigans between Draco and his friends. At one point, the rapper and his team jokingly hold an intervention with one of the hypemen about his dance skills.

    More note worthy moments come when Draco shares a snippet of an unreleased track “Dancing Like Diddy.”  Moreover, Soulja Boy jokes that P. Diddy didn’t want him to reveal the song on the docuseries. Obviously, Draco didn’t listen to the executive producer. Furthermore, Draco also shared moments from fans at the Meet & Greet. One female fan shared that her favorite song by Draco was “Kiss Me Thru The Phone.”

    With so much happening in his docuseries, it’s clear he’s not done with fame.


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