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    Snoop Dogg Crowns Kendrick Lamar King After Powerful ‘Pop Out’ Show

    Recently, Snoop Dogg proclaimed Kendrick Lamar “the king of the West” during Kendrick’s performance at the ‘Pop Out’ show. This all speaks to how Kendrick has put the West Coast in one boat. Recognizing this, Snoop Dogg, who represented a very land influential advocate and symbol of West Coast hip hop for years, recognized Kendrick’s reign and control over the land he once dominated himself. He paid respect to Kendrick’s work and the impactful things his music has done for the local and world levels. According to Snoop,

    “That’s the kinda s–t kings do; we unite.”

    This wouldn’t be Snoop’s first public expression of admiration for Kendrick, he, along with other legends of West Coast rap—took the reins were passed to Kendrick during his performance at Los Angeles’ Fonda Theatre. It was a kind of custom when passing the torch to a new leader. As Snoop Dogg later mentioned, it wasn’t just given to Kendrick; he earned that crown because of his hard work and worldwide exposure.

    He brought together people, artists, and rival gang members to stand with him, celebrating his winning against Drake over their rap beef. Artists who might have had problems because of street politics put aside their differences for the sake of community. It was like this massive block party for the entire West Coast where everybody could come out and enjoy.

    He played this rather fiery diss track, “Not Like Us.” The diss track became a symbol of unity to many who were surprised. It showed how music can restore and heal relationships. Audiences embraced it by showing that Kendrick transcended ordinary rivalries.

    Time and again, KDOT has been commended for his lyricism and timelessness regarding the hip-hop world. The collective understanding from this recent remark by Snoop is based on enduring regard for both the artistry and influence of Kendrick; ultimately, he cinches the throne in West Coast rap.


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