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    Snake Makes Hilarious First Contact With CCTV Camera

    On June 1, a green snake in Bangkok, Thailand, became an accidental celebrity after curious footage of its encounter with a CCTV camera was captured. The surveillance video took the camera mounted to the ceiling outside of a house, showing the snake slithering closer to the device and examining it curiously before deciding it wasn’t harmful and graciously jumping off the narrow wall. This was an entertaining instance when a curious snake seemed to greet a CCTV camera with a ‘hello.’

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    The video quickly made its way to TikTok, leaving users in stitches and awe of the snake’s acting abilities. One user commented, “That snake looks like it is trying to figure out if it’s on TV!” Another quipped, “If that were me, I’d have set a world record in the 100-meter dash!” His reaction in the audio further added to the hilarity of the moment—he let out a startled yelp that left viewers giggling.

    There are some 200 different identified species of snakes inhabiting Thailand. While some, like cobras, are poisonous and dangerous, others, like this grass snake in the video, are relatively harmless. Grass snakes are remarkably gentle and quite common in gardens and around houses; they effectively control pest numbers.

    As the video keeps racking up views and comments on TikTok, so does the green snake of Bangkok morph into the unlikely sensation of the internet, its curious nature now beckoning people in for light, integrated moments among humans and nature.

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