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    Sixers on Ben Simmons & Tyrese Maxey Stepping Up

    Ben Simmons’ Fate Uncertain

    As we begin the current NBA season, one player’s fate is still uncertain. Ben Simmons remains a discussion point. Remember, The Sixers missed out on the NBA Finals due to some crucial shortcomings. Ben Simmons who is great through the preseason and regular season, got to the post season and did not produce. So much so, that not only did he refuse to make key shots but the other team adopted a strategy to give him shot opportunities knowing he would miss them (i.e. Hack a Ben Strategy).

    Naturally, it seems as a no-brainer that we consider trading him as his production leaves a lot to be desired. But will The Sixers have the opportunity to not only let go of Ben but also recoup a valuable player? At this moment, other teams do not want to pay the steep price for the potential in Ben. And, Ben hasn’t helped himself or the team by skipping training camp. Now, Simmons could face a fine, upwards to $1.3 million, for his absence in training camp. One thing is for sure, Ben has a lot of growing up to do as his attitude and actions show that he’s not mature enought to handle the professionality that comes with playing in the NBA. Former 76ers Theo Ratliff sounds off.

    “For you to be an allstar, mvp caliber player, all he had to do was develop a jump shot, a 10 foot jump shot.” Theo continued, “I just don’t get him refusing to shoot a jumpshot…being the type of player that he is.”

    Rookie Tyrese Maxey’s Golden Opportunity

    Rookie, Tyrese Maxey has shown how much he wants to stay in the fold with the 76ers. Consequently, the guard spent the summer practicing knowing he had to improve on his jump shot. Additonally, the Sixers considered Maxey as a possible replacement for Simmons in the regular season. While the rookie is not as consistent as Ben, he has the willingness to make shots and that may prove more valuable in the long end. Further, Tyrese seems very aggressive and competitive on the court which provides a younger energy to game play. Also, the young player has already proved himself in the post season demonstrating that he does struggle with post season pressures. At this point, there is still moves to be made but no doubt that Maxey could be a valuable asset in whatever capacity they use him.

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