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    Sh3GotGame: USF Star SG Priscilla Williams Prepared To Shock The World

    University of South Florida star SG Priscilla Williams has tons to prove to the world. The former McDonald’s All-American was born in Oklahoma, however, she was raised and grew up in Houston, Texas. While the majority of her life being a Texan, she eventually moved out to Branson, Missouri. She began getting involved in sports in middle school, in fact, her first time ever touching a basketball was in the third grade. At the time, Williams was continuing to feel it out and see if she enjoyed the game of basketball. Eventually, in the seventh grade, she began taking a bit more serious approach to the game as she soon realized she was exceptional.

    Naturally, she began playing basketball because the majority of her immediate family were also ballers. Priscilla’s mother and father, Joelle and Eric Williams, both played Division I basketball. Her mother played at Kansas State while her father played at Arkansas State. It’s safe to say she Williams was provided with good genetics and was destined to be a basketball player. However, her younger sister, Tabitha, after playing through high school decided to not continue pursuing basketball and to focus on her career. Williams uses this as motivation and inspiration to pursue what she loves to do no matter what.

    “My younger sister, Tabitha, is one of my biggest inspirations,” Williams stated. “ She’s taught me through her actions, how to pursue what you love to do and I’m forever grateful for her.”

    What’s Priscilla Williams’ Game?

    Oddly enough, one of the most natural aspects of the game for Williams was shooting the ball. Again, she might want to thank her parents for that, however, she explained how her father helped elevate her game. Her father realized his daughter’s height and wanted to capitalize on her skillset by transitioning her to a guard. Understanding the height would give her an advantage on the wing paired with her elite abilities to shoot the ball. To be quite honest, Williams’ father was absolutely correct!

    Fast forward, she began finding immense success at the high school level. In fact, she was named  McDonald’s All-American  and named was named to the Jordan Brand roster in 2020. She was the No. 3 guard in her class, not to mention, that she was the No. 9 recruit in her class. She explained in great detail that winning the award set the precedent and expectations for herself going forward.

    “Winning the award gave me a relief and boost in confidence,” Williams emphasized. “It showed me all my work has paid off. To know you are part of that elite and select group shows it’s my purpose.”

    “Sh3GotGame” Moment

    During her freshman season at Syracuse University, where she initially decided to commit, Williams managed to pull off a perfect shooting night against Miami University. Williams had it going this night, she scored 26 points on shooting 9 for 9 including six threes,  according to  . As a freshman, this not only proved that she belonged here but it help instill confidence in her shooting abilities and overall game.

    “The biggest Sh3GotGame moment had to be against Miami,” Williams stated. “I felt I belonged and it helped create an expectation for myself going forward.”

    While one may agree, Williams has been all over the country for basketball. However, when asked about the determining factor to committing to Syracuse University, she emphasized the relationships between the coaching staff and her overall vibe of Cuse. She enjoyed her time with  coach Hillsman  , in fact, she admits she learned so much about the game that helps her today. When asked during her short tenure at Cuse which game did she find the most impactful, Miami (26 points) or Boston College (double-double), she responded:

    “While the points were nice, that double-double meant a little more to me,” She explained. “I knew I can score with ease so that doesn’t surprise me much. However, recording 10 rebounds I never did that before so it showed me something new about myself.”

    Life After Basketball for Priscilla Williams

    Moreover, she’s still young and has many more days of basketball going forward. Yet, it would be foolish to not prepare now for a possible future after basketball is complete. Williams admits during her redshirt season, she often considered her future because the game was taken away from her essentially. Sometimes, when things that are precious are taken away it forces a deep reflection on oneself. Naturally, that may shape one’s future for the better. Williams comes from a religious background and when times are beginning to get tough and she needs to persevere she often reads the Bible verse Romans 8:28.

    “We believe that everything works together for the benefit of those who love God and have been called according to His purpose.”

    The N.I.L deals have become a huge factor within the NCAA sports world and many athletes are securing big-time endorsements and deals through social media. Priscilla Williams has a following it appears on  Tik Tok  and plans to one day utilize this following to create an opportunity for herself down the line. She’s truly considering modeling a real possibility in the future. 

    “I can see myself modeling tons of people have suggested I take it seriously,” Williams emphasized. “However, I understand it’s a full-time job so maybe after basketball, I’d pursue it to see if it’s for me.”


    In conclusion, Williams has a bright future ahead of herself and continues each day to strive for her purpose. When asked, “is there any advice you’d like to offer to any young boys or girls who may look up to you or resonate with your journey?”

    Williams responded, “My biggest advice would be to always do whatever makes you happy. Never let anyone else dictate your future. Finally, you only live once, why leave with any regrets!

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