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    Quaden Bayles Is Trending, Is He 9 or 18?

    Quaden Bayles went viral yesterday after his mom posted a video of him crying, now people are questioning the circumstances behind the video!

    In a heartbreaking video, Quaden Bayles is seen crying and sobbing uncontrollably, saying that he wants to kill himself.  The Boy’s mother, Yarakka Bayles, shared the video to her Facebook, and it almost immediately went viral.

    Quaden is a 9-year-old Australian who suffers from Achondroplasia dwarfism. Being a kid is rough enough, but one can only imagine what it’s like having a disability. According to his mother, Quaden experiences bullying almost everywhere he goes.

    After a “regular” day at school, Yarakka chose to share what the constant bullying does to her son.

    Quaden says to his mom, ” I want someone to kill me.” Yarakka goes on to bash the Anti-bullying movement and encourages people to raise their children properly.

    After the video went viral, the support for Quaden and his family started pouring in. Celebrities such as Hugh Jackman and MMA fighter Eddie Alvarez posted videos in support of the boy on social media. Comedian Brad Williams, who also suffers from Dwarfism, went as far as to start a Gofundme page for the bullied Boy. The goal of the page was 10,000 dollars to send the family to Disneyland. As of 3 pm, eastern time over 150,000 is in the account

    Not everybody is being supportive of Quaden Bayles.

    Shortly after news started spreading the support he was receiving, fans began questioning if the whole thing was a setup. Even more,  People start sharing pictures and videos of Bayles that suggest he may not be as young as his mother says. In one image, Quaden is seen standing next to an 18 sign, which fans say he was celebrating his 18th birthday.

    Quaden Bayles Is Trending-1

    The Boy’s age has not been confirmed as of yet, but either way, bullying is never acceptable, no matter if it’s to an adult or child. It’s wrong to scam people out of their money. However, the more significant issue here is the lack of humanity people who suffer from disabilities experience daily.

    What do you guys think of the Quaden Bayles situation? Do you believe he is as young as his mother says he is?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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