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    Pusha T Says That Kanye Doesn’t Wear MAGA Hat Anymore

    Pusha T is claiming that Kanye is no longer wearing the MAGA hat anymore.

    In an interview with Trevor Noah, Noah asked Pusha how he felt about Kanye wearing the MAGA hat. Pusha responded with  “He stopped. He stopped, though.” Kanye has been trying to distance himself from Donald Trump’s movement for a while.

    Back in October, he claimed that he was going to stop associating himself with the MAGA community. It would only make sense for him to stop wearing the hat too. At least now when we listen to his music, we can know that we are not listening to an open Trump supporter anymore.

    Don’t believe us, check out the full interview here and let us know what you think in the comment section below! And for more news, Hypefresh has got you covered!

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