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    Puma Deposits Money into Nipsey Hussle’s Trust Fund for His Family

    Puma is a sportswear brand that is well-known for its collaborations with high-profile designers and fashion icons. It also has a strong reputation for sustainability efforts, financial performance and ethical production practices. Puma still shows the late rapper love by depositing money into Nipsey Hussle’s family trust fund.

    Shortly before Hussle’s death, he inked a deal with Puma to release capsules in conjunction with his The Marathon Clothing label. The rapper was a visionary, and his legacy continues through this partnership.

    Puma x The Marathon Clothing

    In the aftermath of Nipsey Hussle’s death, a number of fundraising campaigns were set up. One of these, which was started by former NFL star Reggie Bush, raised over $100,000 to support the rapper’s children.

    However, TMZ reports that Nipsey’s family is politely shutting these campaigns down, saying the rapper did everything in his power to make sure his two kids would never have to rely on anyone else’s money. Known as a savvy businessman, Hussle owned all of his recording masters and his Marathon clothing store.

    The rapper also set up multiple trusts in his name so that he would be sure his kids would always have financial security. According to TMZ, the family was very thankful for the outpouring of support, but they don’t need anything.

    PUMA is honoring Nipsey’s legacy with the release of their latest collection, which celebrates his entrepreneurial journey through a pair of sneakers. Featuring premium details and iconic co-branding, this collection will be available in stores and online September 5.

    Puma x Nipsey Hussle

    During a recent episode of Earn Your Leisure, Nipsey Hussle’s brother revealed that Puma contributes money to his family’s trust fund on an annual basis. It’s a heartwarming story that is good news for the family, especially considering that they haven’t needed it.

    The partnership between Puma and Nipsey Hussle started last year, when he announced (on Power 106) that he was working with the brand on a new co-branded collection with The Marathon Clothing. It was set to drop this fall and would include apparel, accessories and a sneaker.

    As a part of that partnership, Hussle also partnered with Puma on a series of projects, including refurbishing and vividly repainting basketball courts and donating $10,000 to The Marathon Clothing store.

    Nipsey Hussle passed away in Los Angeles on March 31 at the age of 33. Since his death, there have been a number of crowdfunding campaigns set up to help the late rapper’s children. One of them, started by former NFL player Reggie Bush, raised over $100,000.

    Puma x Lauren London

    Puma has teamed up with Lauren London for her second collaboration with the brand. The collection, which reflects the actress’ love for her hometown of Los Angeles, is called “L.A. Love Story.”

    London’s collection features a slew of footwear silhouettes and unisex athleisure apparel pieces, all inspired by the laid back LA lifestyle she lives by. The collection includes PUMA Suede, Slipstream, and Leadcat Slide in a range of neutral colorways.

    Aside from the shoes, the collection also has a hoodie, shorts, and men’s and women’s boilersuits in a color palette that pays homage to the city where she grew up. Embedded quotes from her late partner, Nipsey Hussle, are imprinted throughout the collection.

    The collection, which is available on November 11, has a retail price of $22-$110 and is rooted in authenticity. ESSENCE caught up with London to discuss the collection and her definition of strength. She also shared who fills her cup, who helps support her, and how she teamed up with Hype Williams to create the collection.

    Puma x The Marathon Continues

    In honor of Nipsey Hussle, PUMA recently released a collection called The Marathon Continues. It sold out in just one day and was a way for the brand to show its support for the late rapper.

    The collection features re-issued pieces from the previous Nipsey Hussle x PUMA range. Its color palette is crisp and its luxe detailing elevates sportswear silhouettes.

    According to Nipsey Hussle’s brother Blacc Sam, a few months after the rapper died, Puma started making deposits into both his and widow Lauren London’s children’s trust fund on an annual basis.

    He revealed this on Earn Your Leisure, a podcast that celebrates entrepreneurship and community work. As a result, the family will soon be able to open their own store in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

    Nipsey Hussle was a passionate activist and entrepreneur, and his legacy continues to thrive. Despite his tragic death, his impact is still firmly implanted in popular culture.

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