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    President Biden Addresses Gun Violence

    President Biden announced a plan to combat the current surge of gun-related deaths. This arrived after a string of nationwide mass shootings.

    Gun violence in this country is an epidemic,” President Biden said at a press conference at The White House. “And it’s a national embarrassment.”

    He asked lawmakers to work together to change the course of the epidemic.

    “They’ve offered plenty of thoughts and prayers, members of Congress,” he said, “but they have passed not a single new federal law to reduce gun violence.”

    President Biden brought up one of the main firearms in question. He referred to the weapon as a “ghost gun.” People assemble ghost guns at home. They don’t come with a serial number, which makes them more difficult to track. Folks can easily acquire gun parts and assembly kits online. And the kits provide instructions to build them yourself. People primarily use ghost guns for practice. However, an overabundance of them on the street continues to increase the amount of gun violence. 

    President Biden also said, “Our flag was still flying at half staff for the victims of the horrific murder of eight primarily Asian American people in Georgia, when 10 more lives were taken at a mass murder in Colorado.” 

    Furthermore, stricter gun laws historically create attrition wars between both parties. Many right-leaning Americans feel they violate Second Amendment rights. However, I do not remember “mass shooter” drills during my early childhood education. Our youth now practice mass shooter drills at school. If they can learn to do that, it stands to reason adults can deal with background checks in order to possess a gun.


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