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    Pilot Claims Bill Gates Spreading ‘Air Vax’ mRNA Chemtrails

    Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplashed Bill Gates has put his name to innovation only for it morph into a bit of an online conspiracy theory The accusation? Spraying an air borned mRNA vaccine, called Air Vax via contrails, from airplanes. A hot air balloon is a likely place to find this theory, while here are the reasons why.

    The chemtrails conspiracy replaces the “Chemical Injection” myth and has been around even longer. As the theory goes, those white lines in the sky trailing aircraft aren’t contrails at all but a toxic substance sprayed by secret government agents. The villain is, this time, Bill Gates personally vaccinating an unsuspecting public.

    However, reality check here. But contrails are as natural as morning dew. The ice crystals in contrails form when airplane exhaust can trigger water vapor to condense out of cold air at high altitudes. Same principle as your breath on a cold day, but way the heck way UP in the sky. According to both the National Weather Service and the experts at NASA, contrails are nothing more than harmless water vapor being ejected from a soaring aircraft above you.

    As much as the “Air Vax” claim, this one also unravels under scientific scrutiny. mRNA vaccines, including the COVID-19 vaccine needle, are tender. To work, they require special storage and handling techniques. It would be like dropping cake out of the sky and hoping it will land frosted. Also, of course with a covert method like this it would never be possible to sidestep the extremely exhaustive testing and approval processes that vaccines are subjected to.

    But why does this theory still hold? Conspiracy theories are most often based on fear and inherent distrust of authority. Scientific processes can be complicated and myopic figures manipulating behind the scene is attractive. This, though is why critical thinking and validated sources are important. Organizations like Full Fact and PolitiFact have dissected the chemtrail conspiracy in detail over several Alice-and-Wonderland years of myth-busting.

    The Air Vax episode is symptomatic of a larger issue: the spread and availability of misinformation, especially via social media. Its time we turned into informed and diligent information consumers, trusting scientific consensus to established figures. But do not allow such stochastic inferences to mar your common sense.

    So the next time you see a seemingly random and arbitrary contrail in the sky, be amazed with how it was produced instead of creating some silly story auteur that. As always, the best vaccine against misinformation is accurate information. Thus, fact-check yourself and stay out of conspiracy-land folks.

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