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    Phillies Avoid Sweep by a Toe? Alec Bohm’s Risky Play.

    Alec Bohm Safe by a Toe?

    After struggling to the Braves, the Phillies score a win to avoid the sweep. Albiet the play that secured the win was controversal, to say the least. Alec Bohm made a risky play running to home plate at full speed. The call: Safe by a toe?

    Braves players and fans were up in arms over the call claiming Alec Bohm never touch the plate. In several freeze frames and slow mo footage, we see Alec Bohm Slide getting his left foot in as Marcell Ozuna came up with his mitt. The controversy lies in if he actually made contact with the plate. Many shots show Bohm’s foot going wide missing the plate but his foot swings around and possibly makes contact with a toe. Let’s rewind to get up to speed how a game could be win or loss with the possible contact of a toe.

    Alec Bohm Safe by a Toe
    Alec Bohm Safe by a Toe? Alec Bohm slides to home appearing to miss the plate by swings around and makes contact with his toe.
    All Rights Reserved to The Philadelphia Phillies

    What a Game!

    The Game was so close. Braves threw up 3 runs by the end of the first. One homer by Ozzie Albies and a single by Dansby Swanson resulting in scoring runs. Then, the second, Inning Jean Segura sacflys to scores J.T. Realmuto (1-3 Braves). Fourth Inning, Rhys Hosins and Didi Gregorious homers bring the score to 5-3 Phillies. A much needed answer back if we were to avoid the sweep. Only then, Ronald Acuna sacflys to score Christian Pache (5-4 Phillies). The Fifth inning, Freedie Freeman homers to tie the game at 5.

    It’s at this point, the stress is thick. Both teams pushing to try to edge the other out. Bryce Harper shows up at the top of the 6th to get us a run ahead (6-5 Phillies). It looked promising. Then, Ronald Acuna homers to tie it again. Now, we sit at the nineth tied at 6. Each team answered back runs to lead and tie leaving us watching in the Nineth Inning on the edge of our seats anticipating each pitch and hit. Would we go into extra Innings?

    Cue the controversal play. Didi Gregorious sacflys but not at deep as he would like, 230ft to left field. Alec Bohm, knowing that every run counts, decides to pump up speed and make a break for home plate. It happened so fast. Umpires call safe, he beat the play. Braves ask for a review. Here’s where things get a little sketchy.

    Let’s Take a Closer Look: Did Alec Bohm Make Contact?

    As you can see in the gifs linked above, several shots show Bohm missing the plate. It should have been case closed, right. But here’s where things get tricky.

    Did Ozuna tag him out or did Bohm managed to avoid the tag and get his toe in the corner of the plate when his foot swings back around? Drew Smyly, Phillies alumn now playing for the Braves, “Everyone saw it and sees it.” Smyly continues, “For the MLB not to overturn that, it’s embarrassing…They say there wasn’t enough evidence, but there’s five different angles. It’s clear. He didn’t touch the plate.”

    Alec Bohm
    Alec Bohm Safe by a Toe? Alec Bohm slides to home appearing to miss the plate by swings around and makes contact with his toe. All Rights Reserved to The Philadelphia Phillies
    Alec Bohm slides
    Alec Bohm Safe by a Toe? Alec Bohm slides to home appearing to miss the plate by swings around and makes contact with his toe. All Rights Reserved to The Philadelphia Phillies

    That’s where fans can’t agree. In some of the reaction footage, Bohm even looks unsure but his offical response, “I was called safe. That’s all that matters.” Bohm gives with a smile knowing he either got lucky or the Umps gave him one. Either way, Bohm was grateful to be called safe and provide the Phillies with a much needed win in the series.

    The Skippers weigh in on Alec Bohm’s contact:

    Phillies skippper, Joe Girardi, “It looked like his big toe kind of hit the corner of the plate, when we saw a lot of the angles.”

    Brian snitker, Brave’s manager, “It’s just frustrating sometimes, and that’s what I told the umpires.” Snitker laments, “I’ve got a view of the big screen that he didn’t touch the plate.”

    Alec Bohm Stats
    Alec Bohm Stats All Rights Reserved to the Philadelphia Phillies

    One thing everyone can agree with is that it was a great game to watch. It’s always fun when the game is close and both teams are really fighting to win. “It was a great game. Anytime they scored, we’d answer. Any time we scored, they’d answer. We just got the last punch in,” the young Alec Bohm responded, “But that’s a good win, getting out of here, saving ourselves from getting swept.”

    Current Updates:

    The Phillies played the Mets away. The series was postponed due to weather so it was rescheduled yesterday for a double header. The first game was promising we managed to lead by the last inning (Phillies 3-2) . However, when it was time to close, Hector Neris couldn’t deliver. He managed to allow a single by Pete Alonso that tied the game. Then, when things couldn’t seem to get worse, he loads the bases. This resulted in Johnathan Villiar driving in the winning run. The Phillies lose the first game 4-3. 

    The second game, all momentum was lost. Nola just couldn’t secure the win and was given no help by offense. The Mets got ahead 3 runs in the fourth with a series of small ball plays and the Phillies just couldn’t answer back. The Mets took that game as well. 4-0

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