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    Pamela Anderson Exposes Her Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

    Pamela Anderson is breaking up with her boo. Looks like she’s done getting her ass kicked by her former boyfriend, Adil Rami.

    The actress/model Pamela Anderson, reveals that ex-boyfriend, Rami, was a complete “monster” during the time they were in a relationship with each other. This week, The Blast Reports that Anderson was so fed up with Rami’s violent behavior that she dropped him like a hot potato.

    But that wasn’t the end of it.

    Clearly, Anderson wants Rami to feel the weight of what he’s done from all angles. In a bunch of emails, purposefully leaked, Pamela Anderson exposes her ex-boyfriend a conversation held between her and Rami’s baby mother, Sidonie Biémon.

    In the emails, the 51-year-old gets into detail about the hell her ex-boyfriend put her through, and it gets pretty ugly. Take a look:

    “He crushed both my hands I needed to go to hospital (6 months after) because I was in so much pain. I couldn’t write it open a water bottle.”
    “He threw me around by my hair in LA last summer.”
    “I’ve been living with Adil for over 2 years. I am leaving him. For good this time.”
    “He is frightening. He has hurt me a lot – physically and mentally.”

    Pamela claims the abuse was so bad that she eventually had to admit herself into a hospital. Not to mention, his alleged double life that came into play as well.

    It’s a real shame that Pamela has had to go through this. She’s clearly a beautiful woman that deserves a man that’s going to kiss her face…not punch on it. So it’s a good thing she’s leaving this loser behind

    She could do a lot better.

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