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    Ozzy Osbourne’s New Album “Ordinary Man” Has Big Features

    The new album ‘Ordinary Man’ by Ozzy Osbourne was mentioned by Chad Smith in a recent interview.

    Along with this “Ordinary Man” album, Ozzy Osbourne got some other great rock artists to record the album. According to an interview with Chad Smith, artists Elton John, Slash, and Chad Smith himself had been brought on board to help record the album and songs.

    Moreover, Elton John can be seen as a surprise on the album. This can be said due to an interview with Chad Smith saying, “who’s a really good piano player?” Elton John was thought of and brought on board for the album. Elton John was even given a singing part in the album according to Chad Smith. Ozzy Osbourne’s wife Sharon Osbourne talked about Ozzy Osbourne and Elton John working together on the album. Elton John was a perfect choice when considering the album needing a great piano player.

    Likewise, when it comes to Slash, Slash had been featured in a single by Ozzy Osbourne that was released in late November of last year. This could help show how Slash got brought into doing the album with Ozzy Osbourne. Chad Smith in his interview mentions how Slash got two solos on the album as well. Slash seems to have been a great choice when considering the album is that of a rock and roll icon.

    Additionally, Smith talked about in his interview about his role on the album. Chad jokingly mentions the album has, “a drummer from some other band.” This is Chad pointing at himself and him being a drummer for the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. Chad Smith seems to have been the right choice for the album.

    In the end, these three artists and others can certainly help create this “Ordinary Man” album by Ozzy Osbourne.

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