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    Serial Rapists Help El Paso Shooting Victims with Food?

    Who said all convicts are bad people? Whoever it was, they couldn’t have been talking about the prisoners stationed at the Otero County Prison Facility.

    Judging by the prisoner’s recent acts of kindness, it’s pretty safe to say that they’re not a bunch of thugs, but instead a bunch of saints with big hearts, and a love for baked potatoes… here’s why.

    Inmates at the Otero County Prison Facility in Chaparral, New Mexico are going to be donating money towards the El Paso shooting victims’ families. They plan to donate money to help the families deal with the unexpected burden of hospital bills, funeral arrangements, and whatever else they may need during this troubling time.

    TMZ got the scoop that the prisoners will be raising money by selling loaded baked potatoes on their prison grounds. Baked potatoes will cost $6 dollars and will be sold to the prison staff. Otero County Prison Facility has hundreds of employees, and many are expected to show up in support of the event.

    Let’s just hope they aren’t tardy to the party because the prison didn’t purchase that many potatoes. For a crowd expected to reach the hundreds, there’s only going to be 150 potatoes to go around.

    It’s a good gesture being put forth by the inmates, but ironic at the same time. Isn’t prison food supposed to be nasty? That seems to be the one consistent stigma when talking about going up the river. So excuse us, if we think it’s a little strange that they’d serve food as a way to raise money.

    However, it could be a good idea. No one said they prison staff had to actually eat the baked potatoes.

    Prisoners at the Otero facility hope to raise $1000 in sales. They’re also accepting cash and checks as donations.

    So either way, the victim’s families will benefit.

    Thoughts? How do you fell about the prisoners selling baked potatoes? Share a comment below.

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