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    No. 1 Tennis Star Ash Barty Retires: ‘I’m so happy and so ready’

    Ash Barty stuns the world with her retirement at 25 years old. The world’s top-ranked tennis player decided to retire at the peak of their career. Just two months after the Australian Open, winning her third Grand Slam singles title,  reported ESPN  . Barty spoke in great detail during her interview about her goals and aspirations going forward.

    “I’m thrilled and fully prepared. Deep down, I feel this is the right decision for me personally,” Barty shared in a six-minute video on her Instagram account in Australia, her voice occasionally trembling.

    The Australian native emphasized it was time to “chase other dreams,” and that she had nothing left in the tank to give to the sport. Barty believes that she was dedicated and has given the sport all she possibly could have. While this is admirable, calling it quits while she’s still ahead, many may find this odd. Many questions her mindset towards the decision. However, many also admire the passion and understanding she has to pursue her life goals. There’s a lesson in Barty’s story if one searches deep enough to find it.

    Ash Barty’s Life after Tennis

    Ash Barty announces her engagement to trainee gold professional Gary Kissick in November, prior to the Australian Open. Many believe she’s walking away to be with the love of her life and start building a family. One can understand how difficult it may be to still try to remain the greatest at their respective sport while also becoming a parent. It may force one to prioritize and sacrifice one of the two.

    “This is the first time I’ve actually verbalized it, and yeah, it’s difficult,” Barty expressed to former doubles partner Casey Dellacqua. “I no longer possess the physical drive, emotional desire, and everything required to compete at the highest level. I am depleted.”

    However, walking away from the game is not too foreign for Barty. While much younger, Barty became the Wimbledon junior champion at the age of 15. However, she left the tournament completely for almost two years due to burnout, according to ESPN. She admits the pressure was very overwhelming along with traveling. It seems this lifestyle is a lot to ask of any teenager no matter how successful they are.

    While she stepped away from the game of tennis, she began playing cricket back home. However, this was short-lived as she eventually picked up a racket and returned back to tennis.

    “I know I’ve done this before,” Barty said. “But it’s a completely different sensation. I am incredibly thankful for everything tennis has bestowed upon me. It has fulfilled all of my dreams and then some. However, I am aware that the time is now right for me to step back, pursue other aspirations, and, yeah, set aside the rackets.”

    Barty’s Testimony to Who She is as a Person

    Many don’t realize what she’s done is what thousands dream of doing daily. Many dream of leaving their job or situation due to overwhelming pressure and anxiety. The majority of athletes are held to certain stigmas and unrealistic expectations. Barty’s decision to retire at the top of her game is her controlling her narrative and many may find inspiration within that.

    “I will never, ever, ever cease to love tennis,” she expressed. “It will always hold a significant place in my life. However, now I believe it’s crucial for me to relish the next chapter of my life as the person Ash Barty, rather than the athlete Ash Barty.”

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