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    NLE Choppa Talks About Texting Ice Spice: Calls Her Beautiful

    NLE Choppa talks about texting Ice Spice! The rapper calls her beautiful while going into detail about their interaction.

    She’s so beautiful!

    NLE Choppa is a Memphis based platinum selling rapper with a social media following that reaches beyond his native city’s borders. He recently filmed a TikTok video with a fan who got a little creative in demonstrating the rapper’s most popular songs by performing the dance moves.

    NLE Choppa‘s newest video is a short teaser for his latest project, Cottonwood 2. The star-studded video features the likes of Uproxx presenters 2Rare and Bryson Potts, among other seasoned Memphis talent.

    For a number of years now, NLE Choppa has been the spokesman of the local hip hop scene. With his signature wit and his penchant for the slickest moves, the rap superstar has entertained fans on every continent.

    NLE has come a long way

    In a recent interview, the Memphis neo-bopper told REVOLT’s Jason Lee that there was one occasion where his abilities and savvy were tested to their limits. He was on the campus of Cornerstone Prep Denver in Frayser to celebrate their achievements of a reading challenge he has put in place to encourage students to read more than 26 million words during the school year.

    It’s a great feeling to be able to help others succeed. It’s also quite a relief to see that his most recent ventures have paid off big time. The neo-bopper is taking pride in his philanthropic efforts and is looking forward to more. Having mastered the art of making the most of his talents, the rap star is on track to a successful and rewarding career. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and Twitter for more updates.


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