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    Nike Said Fuck It; It Will Make Cheaper Kicks In 2019

    Well, praise the sneaker Gods! Nike is finally for the people!

    According to hypebeast, Nike has vowed to create cheaper kicks in 2019. During a recent announcement, Nike’s CEO Mark Parker assured that the kick giant will begin the New Year with “moderately priced” shoes.

    So how does this work exactly? The answer is quite simple. The focus will see a combination of cheaper versions of popular kicks and new shoes targeted at a lower price. This initiative will build a range of options for people in all classes. And if you ask me, this should have been done a long time ago. After Nike soared to $6 billion after the Kaepernick ad, it could have made buying easier on all of us!

    In addition, Mark Parker revealed major plans to launch a men’s yoga clothing line. But if you ask us, this all seems a bit concerning.

    Will the yoga wear be astronomical in price to offset the lowered kick cost? Only time will tell!

    So, what do you think of Nike’s announcement?


    1. My entire family loves Nike’s, and we have to shop at the outlet stores to purchase them, maybe now we’ll be able to buy them in regular stores, thanks.

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