USA Today has a new article out looking at a study done by Comparably titled “Best Companies for Professional Development.”

In this study, a total of 50 large companies and 50 small companies were highlighted based on survey results from employees over the last year. NEXT Trucking came in at #17 on the list for small businesses, highlighting their strong focus on employee satisfaction as they go through considerable growth.

One of the toughest challenges any newer company faces is scaling growth without leaving employees behind. Some who are there from the beginning can start to feel like they are left behind, and it becomes a tough situation if not handled properly. NEXT Trucking received plenty of positive feedback based on professional development opportunities for those who wish to explore them. When looking at Comparably, people can read through all the reviews left for NEXT Trucking if they want.

How NEXT Trucking Focuses on Professional Development

The main areas of focus at NEXT Trucking are providing new challenges for employees and giving people a voice. Additionally, The company has been able to maintain that smaller set up where everyone can provide feedback and weigh in on ideas to help grow the business. NEXT Trucking believes that professionals need to feel like they have a genuine voice to remain engaged. Otherwise, employees begin to lose focus and might not see the bigger picture of evolving as a company. Not only that, but unmotivated employees are less likely to develop professionally and adequately prepare for new roles.

Proof that what NEXT Trucking is doing works is evident when looking at employee retention. Many employees are still with the company after joining that very first year. Not only do they enjoy professional development opportunities, but the perks of sticking with a start-up and seeing it grow over the years is motivating for many.

Moving up the list

Landing anywhere on the list for professional development is excellent. However, NEXT Trucking understands that there is still plenty left to improve on. Even more, The goal of the company is to continue listening to feedback and evolving when needed.

With growth comes new challenges and new opportunities for employees. Allowing organic professional development is a huge positive for those who have stayed loyal.

From seasoned employees with NEXT Trucking to new hires, CEO Lidia Yan and the entire team at the company encourages anyone to take the steps they need to grow professionally. For more information on NEXT Trucking and everything, they offer for trucking and shipping, visit their website at

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