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    Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ Season 2 Unfolds The Truth Behind Star Athletes

    Hello Season Two Of Netflix Docuseries, Cheer!

    From college cheerleaders to now celebrities, the athletes of Navarro College released a season two on Netflix with their docuseries, Cheer. The show aired in January 2020 and has become a hit since then. Despite setbacks, Monica Aldama’s squad is back to reclaim their title as National Champions.

    Within weeks Aldama and the cheerleaders were shown on morning talk shows like Good Morning America, gifted $20,000 from Ellen, and became the new celebrities from the Texas community.

    As the stars of Cheer begin to unfold, the world starts to see the squad slip through the cracks as they face difficulties in the cheer world, from the toxic positivity to the enormous emphasis on pushing oneself to the limit for the sake of the team. The most jarring of all was the arrest of “King of Mat Talk,” Jerry Harris, for alleged sexual assault. The arrest of Harris was due to him enticing an underage boy to make sexually explicit videos and photos of himself. The second season of the show addresses these allegations.

    “I can’t even wrap my head around how I should feel,” head coach Aldama says to start the season two premiere. “This has been a tough year.”

    Cheerleaders To Now Celebrities 

    Fans see the return of familiar faces: the star tumbler, Lexi Brumback, the sincere La’Darius Marshall, all-star cheer celebrity, Gabi Butler, and more. The athletes develop a new sense of toughness as they shape obstacles in the entertainment industry.

    via A scene from “Cheer.”Netflix
    via A scene from “Cheer.”Netflix

    The Netflix original series shows viewers that these young men and women are more than just athletes. More so, individuals who push hard every day to do what makes them happy and ultimately love the sport.

    Leading for their 15th championship, the plans had changed due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. After the nationals were canceled less than a month before, the fight has continued. The docuseries features their rival team, Trinity Valley in Athens, Texas, led by Vontae Johnson. Both teams have shown a passion for the sport and are ready to win.

    Be The Best Athlete They Can Be 

    The season unfolds about the sport and what it takes to be an athlete, both mentally and physically. The Navarro Cheer team continues to work harder than ever. Their lives have turned completely around since the first premiere of the show. The cheer stars have shown a strength that many can not beat. Most definitely have proven these athletes are one of a kind.

    Make sure to watch season two of Cheer on Netflix and see what it’s like being behind the scenes of the high-intensity sport of cheerleading.


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