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    Netflix Debuts Gourmet Popcorn: Which Flavor Will You Try First?

    Netflix, the beloved streaming giant, has ventured beyond the screen and into the snack aisle with the launch of “Netflix Now Popping” — a gourmet popcorn line created in collaboration with Popcorn Indiana. Designed to elevate the streaming experience, this new popcorn line is set to become a must-have for any binge-watching session.

    Popcorn Indiana is an American brand of popcorn launched in 2002. There is much the company would brag about the making of classical, pure American popcorn with hassle-free ingredients and real growth in the heartlands. Freshness is made every day, where corn stalks grow tall. The team of popcorn lovers calls the heartland home. In case you are a popcorn aficionado, then you will appreciate their dedication to quality and flavor!

    Netflix Now Popping introduces two tantalizing flavors: Cult Classic Cheddar Kettle and Swoonworthy Cinnamon Kettle. Each flavor is crafted to complement your favorite shows and movies, making every viewing session a feast for the senses.

    Cult Classic Cheddar Kettle combines the rich, savory taste of classic cheddar with a subtle hint of sweetness. This flavor is perfect for those who enjoy the comforting taste of cheddar popcorn with an exciting twist.

    Swoonworthy Cinnamon Kettle offers a delightful blend of sweet and savory, with the warmth of cinnamon enhancing the traditional kettle corn base. This flavor is ideal for those who crave a unique snack experience that balances sugar and spice.

    Netflix Now Popping is sold only at Walmart stores across the United States after its launch, favored by the masses, with a very affordable price tag, at $4.49 for an 8-ounce bag, for these gourmet treats. To put it into context, two bags of such scrumptious popcorn cost more than a month’s subscription to the Basic with ads plan from Netflix itself, which now runs $6.99.

    This tendency attracts an increasing interest in diversifying products to engage customers and enhance their experience. And don’t miss your chance to Netflix Now Popping Poll: Swing by your nearest Walmart right now, scoop up a bag (or two), and level up your next Netflix night. Share your flavor favorite and join the convo: which will you try first, Cult Classic Cheddar Kettle or Swoonworthy Cinnamon Kettle?

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