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    Mysterious Monolith Discovered Near Las Vegas Removed by Authorities

    Recently a shiny metallic monolith of unknown origin was unearthed in some remote mountain range near Las Vegas. This incident followed similar findings across the world of metal monoliths, which provoked broad curiosity and speculation. Here is a detailed account of what went down:

    The monolith was discovered in the remote mountains near Las Vegas, Nevada—the kind of stop on a map that spells out rough landscape and quietude. It was chanced upon by a few hikers, standing a little over everything else against the stark landscape, its metallic surface glinting in the sun.

    It was a triangular metal structure, about 10 to 12 feet tall. It was made of stainless steel or aluminum, like many monoliths previously discovered, which dot the globe. The people began associating with the reflective surface and perfect geometric shape, linking it to the legendary artifact from Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey,” further adding to its mystique.

    The Las Vegas monolith was the fourth in a line of similar constructions discovered in different locations, starting with the discovery of the first monolith in November 2020 in the Utah desert. Not long after its appearance, other monoliths began to crop up from Romania through California to Texas. Structurally, all were slightly different in size and material but held a somewhat distinctive triangular form and metallic material makeup.

    The one outside Las Vegas was torn down by the authorities shortly after it was spotted. Exactly why it was removed, often included reasons ranging from environmental impact and unauthorized installation to public safety. The authorities pointed out that the monoliths, though interesting, were quite dangerous both for the natural environment and for the visiting public who came to see these installations, many of which were situated in isolated locations.

    Public reaction to the removal was mixed. Some saw the monolith as an entity imbued with precious art pieces, giving mystery and magic to the landscape. In contrast, others thought they may be planted by aliens or unauthorized constructions disrupting nature and presenting a safety hazard. It replicated other debates that have occurred worldwide on the removal of monoliths: artistic freedom vs. preservation of the environment.

    Little is known about where these monoliths have come from. Speculations of what they are for and who made them range from plausible to fanciful. Some think the monoliths are part of an art mystery left by anonymous artists looking to provoke a sense of wonder and curiosity. Others surmise they are part of viral marketing stunts.

    For instance, one group identifying as “The Most Famous Artist” came to claim responsibility for at least one of the Utah monoliths and others across the globe. They said they designed similar structures online. That provided a veneer of mystery behind putting up those monoliths worldwide. Not all these monoliths have been claimed, though, so some mystery lingers, including theories of extraterrestrial activity.

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