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    MTV Becoming A Popstar’s Amira Unplugged’s Moment In History

    Upcoming New Artist, AmiraUnplugged

    Reminiscing on the days singing with her dad to making it to the final two on the MTV’s Becoming A Popstar, Amira Unplugged is making her mark. The artist is making a name for herself that showcases confidence, inspiration, and a genuine passion for music.

    Born in Stone Mountain, Georgia, Amira Unplugged grew up in a diverse community. The MTV Becoming A Popstar finalist found music as an outlet from a young age. She wanted listeners to feel connected and write music with a strong stance on showing authenticity. The past two years have turned into new beginnings and new opportunities for the pop star.

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    “I thought, while I’m home, why don’t I express myself the way I’ve always had wanted to, Amira Unplugged told HypeFresh. “Just online to try to lift some people up with some inspirational songs.”

    “And that over the past two years has just snowballed into all of these opportunities. All of this new music and all these great chances to express myself.”

    The Genre-Bending Artist Inspires Others 

    Genre-bending artist Amira Unplugged is not constrained to one kind of music and pursues her dreams one song at a time. She serves as a deaf African American Muslim woman, and with her music, Amira Unplugged pushes to break the norm. A massive inspiration to many, the female artist impacts lives and touches hearts worldwide.

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    “I screenshot the hundreds of comments and DMs that have poured in over the past couple of years,” Amira Unplugged said. “From young Muslimas, from people with disabilities, from folks across the spectrum of identity. Just saying that it was so cool to see someone who was different than the norm come out. Be completely themselves and say something that touched them.”

    By taking pride in having an audience worldwide, Amira Unplugged is achieving what she has set out to do. Her strong stance on empowering others got her to the final two on the star TV series Becoming A Popstar.

    Amira Unplugged and Becoming a Popstar finalists

    Life Changes Before You Knows It 

    Receiving a DM on Tik Tok from a casting director asking for an audience reel turned into a three-month passing process that has ultimately changed Amira Unplugged’s life.

    “The comments that have come in have just lifted my heart so much because people were like, I’ve never seen anything like this happen before,” Amira Unplugged explains. “When I said on the show that there was a moment in history, it was for real to make it that far.”

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    The surreal and heart-stopping time on the star TV series has shaped Amira Unplugged into a true music star. On the show, she writes original songs and films music videos that showcase her true self. The series had celebrity judges Becki G, Joe Jones, and Sean Bankhead. Amira Unplugged is proud to say she was able to write music that is meaningful and dear to her heart.

    Amira Unplugged with MTV becoming a popstar judges

    “It showed me, like, I’m not just a singer, I’m a singer, songwriter, and I produce now,” Amira Unplugged says. “If I can do this quickly, imagine what I can do with time and really the ability to bring my full vision to fruition.”

    “If it was just for me, I could just sing in my room, I could write all day long,” Amira Unplugged says. “But putting it out in the world means that I’m trying to affect someone’s life and knowing that it really is happening.”

    New Music & New Singles 

    Amira Unplugged has new things coming since her time on the MTV Becoming A Popstar series. The magazine heard it first, and she will be out next month in Los Angeles to record. The artist is writing new bold yet unapologetic songs, and fans are in for something unique.

    She continues to be a role model and pursue her passion. Soon the world will know what Amira Unplugged is all about.

    “If I can do this forever,” Amira Unplugged ends with. “I would do it.”

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