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    Miscarriages: Understanding How To Support Women During This Time

    For most women, having a baby is something one dreams of, dating back to their childhoods. Unfortunately, sometimes those dreams don’t become reality. Spontaneous abortions or miscarriages happen to women all over the world everyday. According to Mayo Clinic, about 10 in 20 pregnancies end in miscarriage. A miscarriage occurs before the 20th week of pregnancy. Some believe that miscarriages happen because something goes wrong with the carrying of the pregnancy. However, miscarriages occur when the fetus isn’t developing correctly.

    It is an extremely sensitive topic for women experiencing traumas from losing babies. Women are givers of life, and when a woman fails in that aspect, it can be daunting. For example, something as simple as visiting a grocery store can trigger some emotions. Seeing a pregnant woman shopping on an aisle, another woman on an aisle with an infant baby. We can sympathize with these women as they are constantly reminded of a superpower they don’t have.

    On the bright side, there are many ways modern medicine practices can help increase a woman’s fertility, also the presence of better care during those sensitive trimesters is helpful. Unfortunately, some women explore all of these possibilities; yet, they still experience the loss of a baby. Although, we may not know what to say to a woman who has experienced a miscarriage, especially for those who don’t have children—there are ways to be comforting.

    How to Support Women Through Miscarriages

    Be a listening ear. Grieving is a natural phase of a person’s reality after losing someone. Women need to talk to other women about these experiences. If you know someone who wants to be open about their miscarriage, don’t be hesitant to listen.

    According to Conversation, an absolute “don’t” is to blame or offer unsolicited advice. This is damaging and insensitive.


    Acknowledge their loss. Although it may be uncomfortable for you both to discuss, research proves that talking things out improves one’s perspective of the matter.

    Being present. Being that one call away for someone who suffers a miscarriage is to be a true friend indeed. Just send a quick message: “Hey, how are you feeling today?”

    Send gifts. Maybe you’re not the emotional type, but you gravely care. Try sending flowers and cards relaying your benevolence. It goes a long way.

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