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    Meghan Markle Just Using Prince Harry for A Bigger & Better Life?

    Meghan Markle has moved on up to a deluxe palace across the pond where she’s finally got a piece of the pie.

    Seriously, Meghan did, because if you saw where she came from before…whew chile, it was a mess. Overall, Meghan Markle just using the royalty treatment.

    Not really, but it wasn’t as grand as the place she’s at now.

    Meghan comes from humble beginnings. Before she married Prince Harry, Meghan was shacking up with her former husband in a home that barely took up 1 acre of land. It actually takes up one-fifth of an acre, has four bedrooms, three baths, no pool having, and is two-story home that sits in a pricey neighborhood.

    Her real estate agent says that Meghan Markle purchased the old home for no more than $2 million bucks. She got the 1924 Highland Avenue home for $1,799,00.00, says Page Six. 

    However, even though the actresses new home utterly shits on her old place, her agent still believes her old $1.7 million home has enormous potential if the buyer is willing to put the work in.

    “The home’s kitchen is surprisingly small, and the backyard, while spacious, does not have a pool or more of an outdoor living space. That being said, the home has quality finishes on the inside, so someone may be content to just live with it with an eye to expand in the future, which will certainly raise the value — for example, if the kitchen were enlarged or the house expanded and a pool added.”

    You probably couldn’t pay Meghan to live here now. But if the rumors of her and Prince Harry looking to move to the states are true, they may want to take it off the market.

    It could prove itself a fabulous getaway home for the family.

    Thoughts? What vibe do you get from Meghan Mark just using royalty treatment? Let us know by dropping a comment in the comment section below.

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    Featured Image Credit: Peter Nicholls –Dominic Lipinski-WPA Pool/Getty Images


    1. Oh please I adore prince Harry but let’s keep it real. If you take prince away he’s just a military man. Duchess Meghan is a mans dream. Even prince Harry knows her value ,so does the queen. Duchesses Megan don’t need a man to be successful. Again this is just haters hating. But I’m sure she don’t give a f—just like the beach.

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