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    Megan thee Stallion Unveils ‘Megan’ Album Tracklist with Star Collaborators

    Megan Thee Stallion, the rap queen, has just handed her fans something to be elated about. She unveiled the tracklist of the long-anticipated album dubbed “Megan,” due for release next Friday. Having 18 tracks, the album opens up with some compelling collaborations that a good number of pundits reasonably feel might shake the music industry.

    The tracklisting for “Megan” goes as follows:

    Where Them Girls At?
    Broke His Heart
    B.A.S. feat Kyle Richh
    Otaku Hot Girl
    Find Out
    Mamushi feat Yuki Chiba
    Accent feat GloRilla
    Paper Together feat UGK
    Spin feat Victoria Mont
    Moody girl
    Miami Blue
    Down stairs dj

    With features from Kyle Richh, Yuki Chiba, GloRilla, UGK, and Victoria Mont, the album promises to be genre- and mood-spanning, starting right now with the multiplicity an artist like Megan can represent.

    She took to Instagram and asked her millions of followers, “Which song are you claiming Hotties?” The post showed eye-catching shots of her crawling out from an egg, covered in what resembled yolk—implying rebirth.

    Megan Thee Stallion has even referred to it as “a rebirth” in a recent interview with L’OFFICIEL. Megan described it this way:

    “This is music I would like if I wasn’t Megan Thee Stallion. I don’t want to say, ‘I’m tapping into other genres.’ I’m just tapping into other sounds. But it’s still very much Megan Thee Stallion. It won’t feel like I went so far. It’ll feel true to me. You’ll almost be like, ‘I wouldn’t have thought she would’ve rapped over that, but this sounds great.'”

    She had undergone self-changing processes to bring forth “Megan.” She borrowed from several sources, most emphasizing rebirth and renewal. Something like a snake, very apt for that theme, would have been quite to the point as a motif for the collection now. However, she meant it to be something somebody could relate to her increase as an artist and human being. This woman has walked with empowerment and self-realization, and there is no lack of that in “Megan.”

    Megan has put much passion into this disc in which the strong presence of beats dominates, and the lyrics are meaningful. Including a few other great artists will give a different flavor to the music or different perspective views, coding for not every song sounding alike.

    This work is further embellished with a Grammy-winning Victoria Mont on “Spin” and reunification with the legendary UGK for “Paper Together.” This adds another thick layer of depth to this disc.

    She has always been related to her fan base, and the case was no different here. She wanted to write something that speaks directly to them, to say something about their experience and feelings. Members of the audience, however, have significant themes in their lives are empowerment and self-realization. They would very much like the track “BOA,” especially the ones who have a particular need for audacity and confidence around themes of power and self-realization.

    These collaborations with numerous artists, such as GloRilla and Kyle Richh, only ensure that she can bridge many different genres and styles to fill different palates of musical taste levels. It shows a remarkable versatility for Megan and speaks highly of her talents, immense in their capacity, committed to giving fans quality music. Fans should be on standby for tracks characterized by strength and confidence and comparatively others on the uninterruptible style with critical personal and reflective messages. It’s only a few days before the release date, and a most anticipated hype now.

    Megan Thee Stallion has dropped an album loaded with fire moments of collaborations and accurate solo tracks; let’s say it’s a full-loaded Megan. Stand ready for this album, Hotties; it’s going to bring flames!


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