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    Meet Chief Will: Hip Hop’s Next Big Videographer

    Rising visual artist and videographer Chief Will, is beyond gifted at what he does. Since finding success in the music business working with acts such as Sharife O’NealRubi Rose, The Migos, DJ Mustard, and Nipsey Hussle , he continues to impact the lives of some of music’s brightest stars and rising superstars. Will decided to have a a career as a visual artist back in 2016 after deciding not to pursue basketball after college.

    When asked what he wants people to know about him he responded “I want people to know that as a former athlete, I have a chip on my shoulder about how I go about my business. Some folks warned me that this job would be tough, but I’m naturally competitive, and that same drive to outperform my rivals pushes me in everything I do, especially in my work now. I just want to be the best. His desire to make it as a professional outside of sports is why he gets the respect of the people.

    Growing up in Crenshaw home of Nipsey,Ice T and Ice Cube, he credits both of his parents for his success as they play a big factor in his life. He credits his father for helping to give his life some much needed structure and the tools necessary to make what he wanted out of life. Being a Crenshaw native, it seems only fitting that he cherishes working in the studio with the late great Nipsey Hussle and Mustard above many of his other accomplishments.

    “That night at the studio with DJ Mustard and Nipsey was unbeatable. Being there and capturing the moment was incredible. Mustard had been wanting to meet Nip for a while, so it felt unreal to be there at the perfect time,” he said. Make sure to check out Will’s work on Instagram @chief.will and be on the lookout for some heat coming soon! If you enjoy high quality content Will’s work will resonate with you the most.

    Click here to view some examples of Chief Will’s incredible work. Taking a chance of this talented individual is more than worth the risk.

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