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    Meek Mill Knocks Up Brand Designer..Another Roley On The Way!!

    Meek Mill continues to represent for Philly in a major way. Despite legal troubles, Meek is still seen as a positive influence in the community. Now it seems that Meek life is about to change yet again.

    The rapper is allegedly about to be a father another go round. Many outlets have linked Meek to an entrepreneur by the name of Milano Di Rouge. The business owner has an established brand in Philly, and have quickly risen in the ranks of premier quality clothing in the tri-state area. It is suspected that the two have been dating for nearly six months.

    Meek Mill Milano

    Meek has never been one to hide his relationships and surely has always shown love. Despite things not working out with Nicki, Meek was always sure to go out of his way to show his affection. Milano and Meek have been seen together at various places, so we weren’t too surprised to learn that the two are expecting.

    At the moment Meek is dealing with an entirely different situation on the opposite side of the coast. Just this past weekend the rapper was refused service at a resort in Las Vegas. The entire altercation was caught on camera by Meek Mill. Hence, his lawyer has released a statement stating that he will take the legal route of action should the issue not be resolved.

    In conclusion, we’re happy that Meek has found love. Hopefully, he can finally get passed, Nicki Minaj.

    How do you feel about the Meek Mill Milano relationship? Do you think Meek’s ready to get married? Leave your comments below, and stay tuned to

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