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    Mary J. Blige Talks Divorce And Mental Health

    Mary J. Blige Appears on Taraji’s Peace of Mind

    On Tariji’s Facebook watch show entitled Peace of Mind, Mary J. Blige discusses how she felt during the holidays.

    Blige endured a public 2-year divorce. She was ordered to pay her ex $30,000 in temporary spousal support and nearly $200,000 in lawyers fees. Still she gripes about not having anyone to spend the holidays with.

    “It gets lonely and sad,” she said. “But I’ll tough it out until something great comes along. I’d rather be alone than repeat the same mistakes. So, I’ll be patient, focus on myself, and remain open to romance if it comes my way.”

    Blige’s Take on Mental Health

    The musical icon and actress spoke openly about how important it is for people to express their hurt. When things are going wrong and someone feels down inside, he or she can use those negative emotions as an outlet.

    “Negative thoughts lead to bad days. If you let your thoughts control you, your actions will reflect that. So, every day, we have to battle our thoughts. I’ll strive to be honest with myself because lying to oneself is like being insane. We can’t allow that to happen… we need to show our inner selves that negativity won’t prevail.”

    Mary J. Blige Leaves One Tip

    Mary J. Blige’s key to mental health: “Be grateful for what you have and trust God to provide what you need. Peace of mind is essential.”

    Hopefully Blige finds the peace, love and joy she rightfully deserves.

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