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    London Theater Cancels Premiere of AI-Written Film “The Last Screenwriter”

    This 2024 film, “The Last Screenwriter“, created and directed by Peter Luisi, made waves as it had been advanced as “the first film written entirely by AI.” That meant a screenplay done with ChatGPT, an online chatbot that generated every single line based on a single 17-word prompt.

    The storyline revolves around Jack, a human screenwriter who discovers an ultra-modern AI screenwriting system. The more Jack uses this system, the greater his belief that AI equals him—much more in terms of surpassing his capacity for empathy and deep understanding of human emotions. Stuck between pride and fear of redundancy, Jack is now faced with an important decision: to collaborate with this AI or make a movie solely written by the latter.

    The controversy broke out, however, when London’s Prince Charles Cinema, where the world premiere was due to go forward, received 200 complaints about AI taking the place of a human writer. Fears were raised over the future of the arts with AI involvement. The cinema pulled the screening on these grounds. The decision reflects broader industry debates about the uncontrolled use of AI and what this may mean for creative freedom and artistic expression.

    Although there’s a snag—the private screening for the cast and crew will still be held in London—director Peter Luisi hopes this project provokes meaningful discussions around the role of AI in filmmaking, trying to change people’s perception of AI as an “enemy” to creativity. After all, isn’t that a rather interesting technological-artistic intersection? I wonder what the audience reaction to such a radical experiment would look like.

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