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    Lizzo Tells Internet Troll To Put On A “Fat Suit”

    Being in the spotlight requires resilience and emotional control. Lizzo, a rising music star, has made a significant impact in Hollywood. She’s a versatile artist and a role model for young girls, promoting body positivity. When an internet troll attempted to body-shame her, Lizzo shut them down by suggesting they wear a “fat suit.”

    Lizzo’s Costume Is A Hit


    Haters better know now that Lizzo won’t tolerate ignorance. She rocked her Halloween costume on Instagram, making a statement.

    Lizzo chose to dress up as Christian Rock, Blueface’s on and off girlfriend, instead of the usual pirate, cowgirl, or vampire costumes.

    Lizzo rocks a white shirt and short shorts in a viral video. With a side ponytail and a missing tooth, she perfectly captures Christian Rock’s look. Christian Rock herself praised Lizzo’s costume, and other stars showered her with compliments too.

    Lizzo Responds to Body-Shaming Hater

    Sadly, some didn’t like Lizzo’s costume. An internet troll body-shamed her on Twitter, suggesting a “skinny suit” instead.

    In response, Lizzo tweeted, “I didn’t wear a ‘skinny suit’ – you can dress up as someone without being offensive – rock on, I’m having fun, it’s all love.”

    “That’s just weird… ‘I hope she put on a fat suit’ Get outta here.” That troll picked the wrong target.



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