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    Linda Fairstein Foul Bitch: Books Still Being Sold

    Linda Fairstein, and her publishers, still have not flinched at the threats of having her books removed from major publishing platforms.

    Since the backlash from Netflix’s “When They See Us”, it’s been nearly a week since people have requested for her books to be discontinued, but so far there’s been no luck. And as of now, it looks like those who are complaining will have to fight a little bit harder to get results. That Linda Fairstein foul bitch is wrong for what she’s doing.

    Linda Fairstein Foul Bitch

    According to TMZ, multiple people have reached out to Fairstein for comment, but their efforts have come up short. Neither Fairstein, or her reps, have responded to provide their side of the story. And as for her books, they’re still hot commodities for publishing companies, Penguin Random House and Dutton, with no looks of anything changing.

    There is a little bit of a bright side though. At least, critics of Fairstein were able to pull off one of their demands. Along with asking retailers to pull her books, they’ve also requested for her termination from her many high-powered positions. Reportedly, Fairstein has removed herself from positions at Safe Horizon and Vassar College.

    In conclusion, how do you feel after reading this? That Linda Fairstein foul bitch. Let us know in the comment section.

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