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    Lil Yachty Drops a Freestyle “Reminding us” Why He’s a Successful Rapper

    Earlier this week, Vic Mensa rapped a freestyle that namedropped Lil Yachty. Now it’s unclear if Mensa actually dissed the rapper or if he just was making light of his relationship with Yachty, but either way, we’re not too sure what to make of it. Listen to Lil Yachty as he drops a freestyle “reminding us” why he’s a famous and successful rapper.

    Is he trolling?

    Mensa, who’s a member of the FaZe Clan, is an Atlanta-based rapper, and has been a fan of Lil Yachty since he began following him on Twitter in 2015. He also went to high school with Yachty.

    The two artists were spotted together in the studio with Kanye West around this time last year. They also appear to be on good terms.

    While they are both rap artists, they do not sound similar in their style. While Vic Mensa has a more recognizable, emo-tinged sound, he does not have the same ear for melody as Yachty, who has a much more classically rap-style.

    This might be why he has been able to make such great music. He has a good sense of rhythm, and is not afraid to let his sexy side show on his tracks.

    Is he serious?

    He also has an ability to rhyme with a variety of different styles, and he can really hit the spot when it comes to delivering some truly memorable lines.

    There are few rappers that can say they have a better understanding of how to use social media as a tool to get their message across. This has helped Yachty build a loyal fan base, and it has also allowed him to collaborate with other rappers.

    In the past, he has worked with artists like Migos and Drake on his mixtapes. He has also released a solo album.

    On the horizon, there’s a new project coming out that Yachty is excited about. His upcoming mixtape, Michigan Boy Boat, will feature rappers from the state of Michigan.

    It’s an ode to the rap scene in Michigan, which is currently going through a renaissance with some of its up-and-coming talent. It’s a sign of one of the most important gifts that Yachty has: His ear for talent.

    Twitter won’t let it go

    He has been collaborating with Michigan rappers for a while now. This includes Tee Grizzley, who featured him on their 2017 song “From the D to the A,” and more recently he has been working with Sada Baby, RMC Mike, and Krispylife Kiddd.

    With this upcoming mixtape, he hopes to showcase the rappers that he has been working with. It’s also a way for him to show his fans that he is a versatile rapper who can work with any artist.

    The mixtape is set to be released on April 23, and it will feature rappers from Detroit and Flint. It will include songs from some of the rappers that he has been working alongside in the past, including Krispylife Kid, RMC Mike, and Rio Da Yung OG.

    He has been in the rap game for over a decade and has been known for his great sense of humor. He has a loyal fan base and is a very easy-going rapper. This is because he enjoys his work and has a lot of fun when he does it. He also loves his fans and is always trying to do things for them.

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