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    Lil Wayne, Green Bay Packers Aaron Jones Honor Each Other

    Sports and rap music tend to go hand and hand these days. It’s not unheard of for sports players to befriend hip-hop artists. In fact, LeBron James loves hanging out with his best bud Drake. 

    Recently, Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones shared his love for Grammy-winning rapper Lil Wayne. Fortunately, the former Young Money CEO reciprocated that love by cheering on his favorite football team this past weekend. Looks like the Green Bay Packers love Lil Wayne just the same. 

    Lil Wayne Raves Over The Green Bay Packers

    via Monsters and Critics

    Unfortunately, Lil Wayne couldn’t make it to Lambeau Field to see the Green Bay Packers vs. the San Francisco 49ers playoff game this weekend. Though, he did send his love for the Packers from afar. On Saturday, the “She Will” rapper tweeted a few encouraging words for his favorite team.

    “GO PACK GO!!!!!!” It’s clear to see that Lil Wayne is a certified Green Bay Packers fan. He even made an appearance on Fox’s pre-game show to hype up the playoff game. 

    In the past, Lil Wayne has shown his love for the Packers in other ways. Back in 2021, the rapper released a new version of his 2011 “Green and Yellow” track that pays tribute to the football team. That’s serious dedication and honor to the Green Bay Packers. 

    Running Back Aaron Back Honors The Legendary Rapper

    via OnMilwaukee

    When it comes to Lil Wayne, he has a huge fanbase. The rapper has friends everywhere in the entertainment industry, the music industry, and even in sports. While Lil Wayne raved about the Green Bay Packers, the team’s famous running back, Aaron Jones reciprocated the honor and love. Ahead of the playoffs, Jones sported a hoodie with an image of Lil Wayne printed on the back.

    Clearly, there’s mad love on both sides. 


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