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    Lil Peep’s Mom Says Record Label Owes Her $4 Million

    Lil Peep’s Estate Owed $4 Million

    It has been three years since Lil Peep’s death after an accidental drug overdose at the age of 21. Unfortunately His mom is currently legal issues to find justice for her son.

    Lil Peep was a rapper who started his career through SoundCloud and made his way to the mainstream stage with his dark rock and hip-hop styles. Peep’s mother Liza Womack is claiming that the record label in which Lil Peep belonged owes her money. To be exact, they’re refusing to pay his estate the amount of $4 million.

    In a report published by Rolling Stone. The late rapper’s label First Access Entertainment (FAE) wants to hinder her lawsuit of wrongful death along with a business lawsuit. It is apparent the CEO cut off the royalties owed to her on behalf of her son’s estate.

    Former Label Denies Claims

    The record label continues to deny Womack’s accusations and the label’s attorney, John W. Amberg said the allegations are “simply not true”.

    She’s outright accusing the company of the responsibility for the death of the Castles II singer. In addition, the exploitation of him while growing his celebrity status. Meanwhile, he was showing signs of “stress, being overwhelmed, burnt out, exhaustion and looked physically unwell.

    In a statement, she also mentions that the label ignored these cries for help and instead further pushed him to perform, pumped him up with illegal drugs, and unprescribed controlled substances. Citing an incident when on tour in London, his management gifted him a bottle of pills also allegedly providing him with Xanax, Ketamine, and other drugs.

    Lil Peep’s Mom’s Declining Health

    Ever since the wrongful lawsuit, Womack’s health is in constant deterioration. During the legal process, the matriarch has suffered two strokes. In May 2021 she told Pitchfork she wasn’t going to die until this matter is settled.

    “I’m going to live. I have a mission”.

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