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    Let’s Take A Quick Trip Through The Bay.. Musically

    Demo graphically speaking, California literally has always had its own distinct sound.

    From the Snoop Dogg’s & AZ’s that brought a soulful vibe to meet Hip-Hop in the middle, to the likes of E-40 and his introduction of “hyphy” music, to the NWA’s that normalized a disrespectful tone of rap, and even Too $hort who took the industry by storm with the heavy sexualization of women. As early as the mid-80s-90s. California set itself apart from everything we thought was standard, and The Bay alone can be credited for many of these boundary-breaks.

    Today’s artists branching from the area have taken their roots and stayed true, but managed to find ways to expand the sounds of their native area. DJ Mustard and YG broke out in late 2014-2015 and had us dancing to their new melodic Hip-Hop vibes.. that of which has now become a staple for the Cali sound, as well. Now, the rising talent stemming from Cali and The Bay has a broad spectrum of diversity when creating new sounds, and it shows with every new rising act that begins to bubble from the area.

    ..Like Berkeley’s very own Beejus, for starters.

    This heavy-weight Podcaster slash rapper has been dropping jewels for years now, and his latest visual release “Slide” is a pure representation of hyphy music in 2019.. with his own flavor added in the mix. When Beej isn’t catering to his “Awkward Convos With Beejus” Podcast, he’s out creating the unorthodox sound that makes his music so unique.

    Musically, Beejus has lived by the mantra “I’ll never box myself in.” This is a motto he’s had since his teenage years and a motto that has fueled his “method to the madness”, but all over the place style of being. His music is deep enough for seasoned music heads to appreciate, while fun enough that the party-goers will sing along and dance as well, and his new visual illustrates that very notion.

    The release of this single is an exciting one for me. It’s a return to form for my artistry. 2018 was a year of many successful endeavors and one spent focusing and refining my music side of life. I worked on my upcoming album “Beautiful,” and this is the first single from that. Its party time baby!


    Then, you have perplexing musicians like that of ishgoshwish and Plizzy who drop off fun erratic songs like their latest collaboration, “Youngboy“.

    Artists of this caliber release music to invoke different perspectives in positive ways. With beats that still knock and raps filled with a substance that also keeps viewers and listeners with short attention spans intrigued, the duo releases a very fun visual to accompany the message in their music.

    “We urge everyone to be themselves for the best outcome.. your outcome”

    With their new video “Youngboy,” ishgoshwish and Plizzy are here to remind us what it’s like to be as care-free as a child. If you pay attention to many of the rising acts coming out of The Bay, it seems as if a vast majority of them are doing the same.

    So music lover, who do you think should have made the cut? Please comment below and for more hip-hop and breaking news, keep it locked to!

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