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    Kobe Bryant Helicopter Lawsuits

    Kobe Bryant Helicopter Lawsuits

    Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant’s wife, has sued the helicopter company Island Express. This is the company that Kobe was using when the helicopter carrying him, his daughter, and seven others tragically crashed.

    Island Express is only supposed to fly if the conditions coincide with visual flight rules. Vanessa Bryant is suing the company because she feels that the company ignored these rules the day that the crash occurred.

    Why Vanessa is Suing Island Express

    There was a fair amount of low and thick fog on the day that the helicopter crashed. Unfortunately, the craft that they were in did not have the proper technology to navigate through such a large amount of fog. Because of this, the pilot was unable to see.

    Sadly it would seem that the pilot made several risky decisions that day. This includes not correctly assessing the weather before takeoff, failing to abort the flight once he saw how low and thick the fog was, and failing to maintain reasonable control of the helicopter.

    The lawsuit that Vanessa filed claims the pilot was going 180 mph in a steep downward direction moments before the crash took place. The same pilot got in trouble for flying a helicopter into an area of reduced visibility in 2015.

    Final Thoughts

    Vanessa Bryant’s lawsuit has not listed a specific amount but is likely to be in the millions. This is since she feels the company took unnecessary risks. Along with this, Kobe had the potential to make a fair amount of money in the future, so the lawsuit hopes to account for that.

    This tragic event has affected several family members of those lost in the flight. Vanessa is the first to file a lawsuit against Island Express, but others are sure to follow.

    What are your guy’s thoughts though?

    Do you feel Island Express is at fault? And if so, how do you think family members of those who passed in the crash should be compensated?

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