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    KB The Playmaker To Release 50 State Push Vol. 3 “New World Order” Introducing New Artist DeAndrius

    Putting the Milwaukee music scene on the map, KB The Playmaker and Blackout Entertainment are some of the top masterminds in the industry, driving the marketing strategies and growth of many top underground artists emerging out of the Midwest. Now, KB is preparing to unveil the third rendition of his 50 State Push series, aptly titled “New World Order.” This release marks the introduction of a rising star, DeAndrius, to the world stage.

    Born and raised in MKE, DeAndrius is a promising young artist who’s on the cusp of making a name for himself in the music industry. Drawing inspiration from a range of sources, his primary motivation stems from his family, as their unwavering support and encouragement fuel his drive to pursue his dreams every day. Showcasing a unique blend of melodic singing and rap vocals, DeAndrius exhibits versatility in his music that resonates deeply with a growing fan base. He refuses to confine himself to a single style, exploring various musical elements and pushing boundaries with his artistry.

    DeAndrius strives daily to claim the title of the greatest in the game, and his journey to the top has only just begun. He is committed to delivering music that is not only versatile but relatable, aiming to forge connections with his audience better. In addition to his collaboration on KB The Playmaker’s forthcoming project, “New World Order,” DeAndrius recently made waves with his standout contributions on the newly released single, “Jimmy Butler,” out now on YouTube.

    To stay up to date on DeAndrius’s captivating journey and his latest musical releases, be sure to follow him on Instagram, and you can check out “Jimmy Butler” below.

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