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    K.Comedy Taps Key Glock & Mak Sauce For “Hit You With The Blick”

    “RINGO” showcases Maïa Barouh’s wonderfully crafted lyrics, which she uses on the incredible song with well-structured instrumentations. Maïa Barouh is a recognized, skillful artist who represents a new topic in today’s society.

    Maïa Barouh had a chat with us and answered our unique 8 Questions. Check it out below.

    Hypefresh: Could you tell us how it all began? What encouraged you to start playing and making music?

    Maïa: Everything began in Tokyo when I started to play as a flutist and then saxophonist in the underground scene of Tokyo. I got very inspired but all the crazy musicians and artists that surrounded me in Tokyo to create, and now it’s still all the encounters with artists or shows I’m seeing, and experiences I’m living that keep me creative.

    Hypefresh: Talk me through your creative process when you write new music.

    Maïa: There are no rules … it’s kind of mystical. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes not at all, but I’m trying to accept this instability like a high-wire walker, and when I am blank, I try to eat, listen, read, and take time for people and things I like.

    Hypefresh: Can you tell us about your new single, RINGO?

    Maïa: Ringo is a unique deep journey through time. That of an unknown Japan and the more personal one of my father, who passed away a few years ago

    Hypefresh: What do you like most about being a music artist?


    That every day is different.

    That I meet wonderful people

    That I feel so alive when I’m on stage

    Hypefresh: What projects do you have coming up? Can you give us any info on them?

    Maïa: To defend this new project with my new band in a trio, I’m playing in a fantastic dance show, and a new Ethiopian Japanese project is on the way with very incredible musicians from France.

    Hypefresh: Do you have any advice for readers looking to get into music?

    Maïa: In this time where everything goes fast and making music by yourself is much easier …I think it’s important to take time. Time, you need to develop your universe of sound and way of expression and trust it before sharing.

    Hypefresh: How do you solve productivity/scheduling problems and reduce overwhelming situations?

    Maïa: What is problematic is that artist today have 3 or 4 jobs to promote themselves.. and time for creation becomes less and less … on top of that, we feel like it’s never enough… I don’t have a solution because I’m suffering from this situation, but I try to remind myself to take time and convince myself that it’s part of my job !!

    Hypefresh: Name Three things you can’t live without when recording in the studio.

    Maïa: Your passion, honesty, and love ❤️

    Connect with Maia Barouh: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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