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    Juice WRLD Died With 2,000 Unreleased Songs

    Reports from TMZ claim that Chicago rapper Juice WRLD died with almost 2,000 unreleased songs stashed away.

    According to both the report and his team, Juice WRLD had a massive cache of unreleased music, nearing almost 2,000 songs when he died. His family and team have been throwing around ideas of how to handle these songs and what it is that they should do with them, which includes combining some for a new album.

    If there was one thing Juice WRLD was famous for, it was his ability to rhyme. As seen in many videos of him freestyling, it seemed that the rapper could rhyme for days. Sources close to him say that Juice WRLD was continually recording, whether at home or on the road. Our sources say he didn’t do much besides ride his dirt bike and record music.

    A short while ago, 26 unreleased songs by the late rapper were leaked online, before quickly being taken down across the internet.

    Rappers usually record many songs, a lot of which we never hear or do not make it onto any album or mixtape. It seems natural that Juice WRLD, with his creativity and ability to flow, that’d he’d have music stashed away. It is not uncommon for the families and teams of late rappers to drop posthumous albums, such as XXXTentacion’s Bad Vibes Forever and, most recently, Mac Miller’s Circles. Whatever they decide to do with his unreleased music, it’ll be sure to honor Juice WRLD properly.

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