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    Is Cyn Santana Ready To Drop Joe Budden Due To Lack Of Sex?

    Let’s be honest, perhaps one of the biggest questions in the universe is how did Joe Budden manage to bag Cyn Santana. Know that question may be irrelevant.

    For the past two seasons of Love & Hip-hop we’ve seen Joe Budden and Cyn struggle to keep each other happy. Joe has been the breadwinner with his many hustles, while Cyn just wants plenty of affection. Either way, it helps to create another storyline to the already infamous franchise of the reality tv drama. Furthermore, once we got wind of trouble in paradise, it was only a matter of time until someone chucked the deuces.

    Joe Budden Better Stroke Better!!

    Several sources have reported that the two may be ready to call it quits beyond the camera. Despite the two have a son together, it seems that Grandpa Joe just can’t seem to keep up with the young pretty thing known as Cyn. Both have spent previous seasons on Love & Hip-hop dating other people. It’s becoming more and more evident that the two have had enough of each other. Earlier today, Cyn managed to clean house on her Instagram. Erasing all traces of the Podcast giant throughout her personal account.

    At the moment neither party has given any further regarding clues of a breakup. The usually open and active Cyn has barely graced social media within the last week. Back in December everything seemed fined as he proposed to his girlfriend doing a live podcast session. Despite plenty of rumors Joe Budden typically clear up people’s claims on his Twitter and podcast. The State Of Culture co-host is called “washed” every other day, so he’s used to the hate.

    What will happen to Joe Budden and Cyn Santana? Will the two be able to work through their issues? Will they stay together? Leave your comments below and stay tuned to

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