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    Jadakiss Reflects on His Relationship With Kanye West

    Jadakiss reflects on his relationship with Kanye West! He believes the rapper was an “awesome” guy in his early years but feels that he isn’t as good now. He spoke on the matter in a new interview with The Adam Friedland Show.

    The conversation steered towards Kanye’s recent actions, and Jadakiss said that he doesn’t feel like the current version of the artist is as enjoyable. He also noted that the controversies surrounding the artist seem to have gotten worse over the years, even before Kanye’s mental health crisis.

    Jadakiss Reflects on His Relationship With Kanye West

    According to Jadakiss, Kanye was an awesome rapper when he first entered the scene. In his new interview, Jadakiss explained that he and Kanye were close friends in their earlier days. He felt that they related to each other because of their similar upbringings.

    When Jadakiss was a youngster, his parents separated. He then lived with his mother, who made sure he had everything he needed. She even gave him money to buy music equipment. This is what sparked his interest in rapping, and he began to record himself on tapes.

    During his career, Jadakiss has released several albums. His debut studio album was the 2001 project Kiss Tha Game Goodbye. which was released. He currently works with the record label Def Jam Recordings.

    Jadakiss has also worked with other artists, including Mariah Carey and Eminem. He has also been in a few movies, including the 2010 film Runaway. In 2020, he released his fifth album, Ignatius, which was dedicated to his late friend and manager, Ignatius Jackson.

    Ye produced countless hits for other rappers as well as his own elite lyricism. He has starred in various projects, and his roles have ranged from minor to leading. He has even founded his own company, DONDA, which is named after his mother. In addition to his business, he continues to produce music, and he has also launched his own line of sneakers called YEEZY.

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