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    Ja Rule Agrees That NBA Player Ja Morant is Being Negatively Influenced by Hip Hop Culture

    Since his controversial actions and indefinite suspension, other celebrities have been weighing in on the Morant situation, including members of the hip hop community. Rapper Ja Rule Agrees That NBA Player Ja Morant is Being Negatively Influenced by Hip Hop Culture.

    Ja Rule on Ja Morant’s Off-the-Court Behavior

    The Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant has been a superstar on the court for years, but his off-the-court behavior is often a cause of concern for fans. He has faced a number of off-the-court issues in recent years, and he has taken steps to address his problems and get help.

    TMZ recently asked Ja Rule about his thoughts on the matter, and he agrees that Morant’s off-the-court behavior is being negatively influenced by hip hop.

    However, he thinks there’s more to the story than that. He believes that Morant’s poor decision-making could be because of his upbringing and how he was influenced by hip hop culture when he was younger.

    The Grizzlies star was suspended eight games by the NBA for flashing a gun on Instagram Live earlier this month, and it’s clear that his actions have affected his reputation in the league. It’s a tough time for the star player and his team, but it’s important that he seeks help and gets back on track.

    Ja Rule on Ja Morant’s Instagram Live Binge

    Ja Rule agrees that NBA player Ja Morant is being negatively influenced by hip hop culture. The Grizzlies All-Star recently flashed a gun on Instagram Live and was later suspended for eight games by the league.

    In a recent interview, Ja Rule weighed in on Morant’s actions and said that he was being negatively affected by hip hop culture.

    He also said that he would like to see a head-to-head battle between 50 Cent and himself on Instagram Live. The two rappers have been at each other’s throats since 1999 but they both have a vast catalogue of hits and could really put on a good show for their fans.

    The Versuz series, which is curated by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz, has given fans an opportunity to see some of the greatest artists in the game go head-to-head hit for hit. However, a battle between Ja Rule and 50 Cent could definitely be a turnoff for some of their followers.

    Ja Rule on Ja Morant’s Drinking

    Ja Rule recently joined the ranks of the many people that are pointing to a recent Memphis Grizzlies player’s off-the-court behavior as a byproduct of his affinity for hip hop culture. During an interview with TMZ, the Murder Inc. MC was asked about Chicago Bulls guard Patrick Beverley’s claim that Ja Morant’s recent behavior is a result of his parents and a strong love for rap music.

    The rapper agrees that Ja Morant is being negatively influenced by hip hop, but there’s more to it than just a little drinking and a big name rap star.

    For starters, he points to the fact that rappers tend to talk about drugs and murder in their music. If they could stray from that, they would likely be more respected by their peers and fans.

    Ja Rule on Ja Morant’s Social Media

    The hip-hop music that Ja Rule grew up listening to influenced him in a number of ways, from smoking weed and drinking alcohol to rapping. Like rappers like Redman and Snoop Dogg, he also believed the genre was a way to express himself through his own style.

    But hip hop is not only a music genre; it also is an art form that is inextricably tied to the social and cultural contexts where it was forged. In particular, it’s been shaped by toxic masculinity–the notion that men are superior to women and other gender identities.

    Earlier this month, Morant was the subject of an NBA investigation after a video of him flashing a gun at a strip club circulated online. He was later cleared by police in Colorado, but the league could still fine or suspend him.

    Despite being an excellent player, Morant has a long history of off-the-court incidents that have gotten him into trouble. In fact, he’s been investigated at least three times in the past year.

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