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    Instagram Adds “Close Friends” Feature For Better Connections

    Instagram is always changing the way it operates, to make for a better user experience. The app has launched a new idea, that will take place over the next couple of days. Soon, users will be able to share personal stories to their closest friends only. The feature will allow for you to create a special “close friends” list, which you can add to or remove friends from at your discretion.

    “As you add more and more people [on any social network], you start not to know them. That’s obviously going to change the things that you’re sharing and it makes it even harder to form every deep connections with your closest friends because you’re basically curating for the largest possible distribution,” said Robby Stein, Instagram director of product. He announced the news while at a TechCrunch summit in Berlin.

    Developers hope this new feature will create a more meaningful experience for everyone using the app. There will be a green circle that appears around your profile picture, notifying your friends that they have a special story to view. After 17 months of testing, Stein is excited to see how people react.

    To access the feature, users will have to watch a demonstration video, which explains how to operate Close Friends, before directing you to set it up in your profile settings.

    Many people wondered if Close Friends would be added to Facebook, but Stein said that wasn’t a priority for the sister-app.

    The feature is available today on the latest version of Instagram for iOS and Android.

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